Sofia Hagberg - Co-founder & Director, End of the Road Festival and No Direction Home Festival

Together with her friend Simon Taffe, Sofia started the End of the Road Festival in 2006 when it won ‘Best New Festival’ in the UK Festival Awards.  The festival takes place over 3 days in early September, at the beautiful Larmer Tree Gardens in Dorset.  Over the years End of the Road has become one of the UK’s best loved and most critically acclaimed music events.

The team puts a personal touch on all aspects of the festival and really pays attention to every detail… whether it’s the delicious food on offer, the design of the tickets, the decorations of the site, the material of the wristbands, the music inbetween bands, the security staff being friendly or the workshops on offer and so on. Care is taken on all levels to ‘get it just right’, especially when it comes to the artists they book, as End of the Road only books music that Simon and Sofia personally love!

Building on the success of End of the Road, the team decided to start a sister festival in 2011 called No Direction Home, at the stunning Welbeck Estate near Sheffield.

Apart from having an overall responsibility and decision-making role, Sofia’s more hands-on tasks have included doing all the contracting, advancing and booking of the bands, as well as running the artist liaison on site for both festivals and promoting numerous festival related concerts in London.

Outside of End of the Road, Sofia is the manager for a Canadian artist called Woodpigeon and she also works freelance as a consultant to other music events and festivals.