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Videos: Top Picks – MusicTank

Videos: Top Picks

A selection of recommended video interviews and talks worth watching…

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A Light Went Out: A Short Film About Mental Health in the Music Industry

Bill Ryder-Jones from The Coral and Rob Harvey from The Music share their experiences. Both had strikingly similar experiences of suffering from mental health problems at the peak of their careers, and in this short film they explain how the music industry both exacerbated their problems and helped them overcome their struggle.

David Gauntlett: Building Real-World Platforms for Creativity

Everybody likes to make things, although sometimes our creative confidence becomes lost, or hidden from us. Finding a path back to small acts of everyday creativity is a journey back to connection, empathy and participation in the world. David Gauntlett is the Professor of Creativity and Design at the University of Westminster, UK

ASCAP President Paul Williams Laments "Fundamental Lack of Respect for Creators"

Singer, songwriter and ASCAP president Paul Williams’ Midem 2015 keynote speech and interview, in which heshares his thoughts on digital music, fair treatment for creators and "out-of-step" music licensing laws.

Daniel Ek: Why Spotify Is Preparing To Compete Beyond Music

Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek discusses how his company is not just competing against music streaming sites such as Pandora and Apple's Beats Music. He also has to take on Instagram.  

Predicting a Billboard Music Hit with Shazam Data

Shazam's VP of product Cait O'Riordan's talks about harnessing the app's 100 million active users to predict which songs will break big.