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Videos: Top Picks

A selection of recommended video interviews and talks worth watching…

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MusicTank @ TGE: Your Favourite Track May Destroy The Planet

Interview with Dagfinn Bach, President, Bach Technology and author of MusicTank’s latest report on the spiralling energy costs of digital music consumption and the implications for the music buisness, video-interviewed by Eamonn Forde .  Published  13th Sept 2012, The Dark Side Of The Tune: The Hidden Energy Cost Of Digital Music Consumption posses a key issue - Do ever more complex cloud, mobile and streaming services represent sustainable consumption models or do they present us with an environmentally unsustainable digital future?

Clay Shirky On Why SOPA Is A Bad Idea

What does a bill like PIPA/ SOPA mean to our shareable world?  At the TED offices, Clay Shirky delivers a proper manifesto - a call to defend our freedom to create, discuss, link and share, rather than passively consume.

Marc Geiger On How Pitchfork Helped The Weeknd Earn $25K Per Show

Marc Geiger of William Morris Endeavor joins Ian Rogers in the studio to talk about his career in the music industry, ArtistDIRECT, William Morris, Lollapalooza, the current state of tech and music, and more...

Steve Jobs' Stanford Commencement Speech 2005; Career, Life And Death

Here we see Steve Jobs delivering his commencement speech to the graduates of Stanford University in 2005.  In it he talks about getting fired from Apple in 1985, life & death -  an inspiring watch.

DJ Richie Hawtin And JB's Alison Tickell: 'Greening' The Dance Music Industry

Richie and his brother Matthew discuss the environmental impacts of touring and performing, and their tried and tested methods of bringing down their carbon emissions, and Alison provides the wider perspective of why environmental sustainability is crucial to the music industry, and what people can to do start measuring and reducing their impacts.
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